Expression Maps Questions


I have a few simple questions about the Expression Maps:

  1. There is a Color assignment column in the Maps Editor - nice. I have assigned colors for my Maps however the articulation colors are not shown in the Key Editor or anywhere. What am I missing?

  2. I found that I can make custom Articulation order by selecting an Articulation and move it up/down in the “Articulations” editor (sector).
    I want to select several Articulations (by holding Shift, Control, Alt etc) and move them, however I cannot not make multi selection?

  3. Is there any quick method to copy a Sound Slot (Articulation) and just change the Key Switch and the Articulation name in the copy? It is quite time consuming to set lots of attributes manually…

  1. Set the Event Colors drop down menu to ‘Sound Slot’

  2. no

  3. no

Unfortunately Expression Maps has not evolved much since they were introduced.

If you’ve any experience working with an xml editor it might be worth it to take look at a backup copy of one of your expressionmap files with it.

Be careful, but I’ve been using XMLPad to majorly speed up the process of building expression maps for Dorico (who’s built in map editor is even less advanced at this time than the one in CuBase). Here is a forum post about it:

Thanks a lot for your replies guys!
I must invest more time into XML workaround.

I have another question…
I select the different Sound Slots to able to edit anything in the relative Articulation assignment. The problem is that it does not mater what Sound Slot I select, it does not select the corespondent Articulation in the right pane?