Expression Maps Reset on Stop

As anyone ever figured out how to have Cubase stop resetting the expression map with play/stop or cursor moving. I’m trying to build some multi-timbral patches on Play 5 that will switch with midi channels. Drawing and changing the channels with the expression maps cc lanes is fine but it always resets the midi channel on stop if it’s not assigned. I can’t just select it with a pad or key and have it stay to that channel. It makes the whole setup completely pointless.

Any ideas anyone? I’ve tried every possible scenario I can think of. I’ve tried having the expression maps switch midi channels by notes and program changes but nothing works. I simply want to be able to chose an articulation with a key or pad an and that it stays selected when I start the playback.

Try adding a blank slot that doesn’t do anything & drag it to the top so it’s the 1st slot.

I’m afraid there’s no solution to the reset when using MIDI channels to switch articulations.

Frustrating I know.

How are key switches patches different so they do not reset? Is there a workaround so we could build a custom keyswitch instead of midi channel switches?

This is driving me crazy.

In the prefs there are options under midi for reset on stop and chasing midi events, did you check how that is set and experimented? I have but I don’t use expression maps, for me midi cc’s is important thing. I have reset and chase enabled. Maybe you should disable both.

Yes I have tried all chasing scenarios. Even all of them turned off does not help.