Expression Maps Still Not Working


I’m struggling with the same issue. What do you mean exactly with “Just create a blank articulation in the first slot of the map”? Just an empty slot which do not point to any articulation?

Scroll up to my nov 14 9:22am post. There is a Dropbox link with a screenshot for you.

I feel you on that. I don’t have that many expression maps. That would take awhile to do your almost 700. Sorry man. If you can pay a high school kid a few bucks maybe he will be stoked. Otherwise, since Steinberg hasn’t fixed this in over a year I didn’t want to stand around and wait while more updates went by. Stuff like the import tracks functions are a super practical. I will try to send another request once things settle down. I’m positive it would get ignored at least right now with all the damage control.

Does this work for multiple channels? In 10.5, this solution only works for keyswitches/CCs and not when multiple kontakt channels are involved.

Eg. 1 Kontakt instance with two patches. Channel 1 sustains, channel 2 stacatto. Even if I add a dummy map and move it to the top of all articulations, it still resets to sustains.

I use Kontakt with multiple channels/instruments extensively, so that’s a big problem. It sounds like expression maps just don’t work anymore. :frowning: Any suggestions? I really like how smooth 11 is on Mac. Any alternatives?

My articulations are usually triggering 16 different channels in Kontakt. So I’m a little unclear why it’s not working for you. Can you take screenshots? I’m not sure I can help but if it spot something I can let you know.

I wouldn’t assume that. They work for me. Did you try it and it doesn’t work? It only took me 15 minutes to add a blank to about 150 articulations. So it wasn’t much of a setback and was worth doing to do that I can leave 10.0.

Are we talking about multiple instruments with separate maps not working?

I use one map per kontakt instance that has several instruments within that kontakt instance. I don’t think I’ve tried (or have ever needed to) to use multiple maps in a single instance with multiple instruments. If that’s what people are saying isn’t working then, hopefully they can clarify. When want a different map, I just create a new kontakt instance. I use VE pro, and it doesn’t use much CPU just to create another instance.

I have VEPro but never really used it. Slight sidebar, but on a MacBook, does the performance actually improve there if I’m running both Cubase and VEPro on the same machine?

I always created one Kontakt instance with 16 or so instruments, separate. It’s easier to organize for me.

Yeah I am doing the same with one kontakt instance and up to 16 instruments in it. All my maps are working with them now in 11 due to our workaround.

Regarding your question about VE PRO.
I’ve run VE pro locally and the only big advantage was having stuff loaded so that my sessions didn’t have to reeload up a ton of instruments every time. CPU wise though I’m not sure I can say VE pro is not going to change your life. I would highly recommend looking at how you can get a cheap refurbished PC of some sort and add a bunch of ram. I ended up doing this and it changed my life to have my libraries loaded on a server. I was so stoked that I bought two more.

There isn’t network latency? MacBooks don’t have ethernet ports anymore.

Anyway, it’s good to hear that the workaround is fine for my use case. However, it’s kind of silly that Steinberg can’t fix this now. Does the workaround offer any clues that might lead to a solution in the Cubase code?

Allow me to explain what isn’t working for me in 10.5 (don’t have 11 yet):

If your expression maps are set up in a way that you don’t use the ‘channel’ functionality right below the ‘output mapping’ section of expression maps, then adding an empty articulation and placing it at the top of your articulation list DOES indeed work (as a workaround)

On the other hand, If you use multiple MIDI channels, then this workaround fails. Every time you stop playback and play again, it defaults to channel 1 even if you add an empty articulation with ‘–’ added in the channel slot.

My question: Is this exactly the same behavior you see in version 11?

I’m hoping someone else who uses mapping to switch midi channels like you do can chime in. I don’t do this in my setup.

It would be nice of SB to acknowledge their commitment to fixing this bug.

I am getting new problems with expression maps. The will not load. Repro new project, instance of Halion sonic, go to expression maps in inspector, open up expression maps panel, hit load, nothing happens?

Am I the only one?