Expression Maps Still Not Working

We had all hoped that this update would finally address the known issue of expression maps randomly switching back to the default map. This issue did not exist in 10.0. However the update to 10.5 with this issue made it unusable for me. Now we are up to 11 and it is still not working. There are so many features between in 10.5 and 11 that I really want to use! Has anyone found a workaround?

I was willing to keep using 10 for awhile, but now that we are over a year down the road and i’ve paid for both 10.5 and 11, I think I should be able to use it! Please share any ideas on this if you’ve come up with a solution, thanks!

p.s. I’ve tried using “attribute” instead of “expression” to see if that is a working around. no luck…

Mac osx 10.15.5
Cubase 11
VePro 7 (on remote servers)

Oh, I hate to be “that guy” who is only complaining. Steinberg, if your’e listening…THANK YOU FOR UPDATING CUBASE FOR MAC!!! With my large template of a few thousand tracks, It feels 100 times faster/smoother than ever. Way to go!

Is this issue really common? I’m on 10 still and really was happy about the new automation curve snapping features.

Yeah, there are lots of threads on this. I just found a workaround though:

Can anyone from Steinberg confirm whether there was any attempt to fix this? or when can we expect a fix for it?

I would love to update, but this is a no go for me.

So this basically makes key switch maps unusable? :frowning: Otherwise, Cubase 11 is definitely snappier on Mac.

Yeah this issue is driving me crazy along with so many other issues! (mixer channel name bug, track pictures bug etc) So many people are looking to move to Studio One permanently because of issues like these. I wonder what Cubase QA team is even up to or if that team even exists.

I know the issues can be frustrating, but I find that what Cubase CAN do is worth working around the issues. The perks far outweigh the issues for me.

So if you didn’t see the other thread I linked to, the workaround for expression maps randomly switching back to default:

Just creat a blank articulation in the first slot of the map
(some guys on forum are saying you need to assign a fake articulation and like legato and attribute or direction but mine worked just blank)

It’s that easy! In my opinion it was WAY worth the upgrade FROM 19 to 11. My Mac runs super smooth now, the graphics look super posh (which I know doesn’t functionally add anything but looks matter to me), the export functions are super convenient, I LOVE the new curves that can be drawn into the midi cc controls. That last one alone is worth the upgrade for me since I’m doing most of my volume and expression with midi instead of faders.

Definitely not worth staying in 10.0 for me. And MOST definitely not worth abandoning my template, preferences, macros, metagrid, etc I’ve developed for many years now. By the way if you have a buttload of preferences like I just mentioned…I have had zero issues with dragging my entire preferences folder from CB10 into CB11. I didn’t have to find each piece and do it one at a time. Smooth sailing. Couldn’t ask for much more than that in a major upgrade.

Expression maps were the reason I first got Cubase.
Would someone explain what an alternative would look like for instruments with tons of key switches?

I hope you’re all sending requests to support. It’s crazy that this main selling point is broken.

No need for alternative. Did you see my post with the solution of just making your first articulation blank? After that, the expression maps work great. In fact the design has been updated with a cool little green indicator to show which articulation you’re on. So it is fully functional.

also not sure what you mean by “a ton” but I think I can typically use 20 or more sometimes. if I need more, then you can make 2 tracks with 20 each, etc. its better than 20 midi tracks by far.

Thanks for the blank slot solution everyone. This was one of the few remaining “bang me face against the keyboard” type of daily bugs that I’ve been dealing with. One of the other HUGE ones - disappearing playback cursor - I solved by buying a PC!

I’ll try the blank slot, I really hope that helps, but still, it’s not excuse for the lack of commitment on fixing bugs, especially on such an important feature and on a bug that’s been around for more than a year now, and affecting so many people…a year!, it’s simply ridiculous.
Even with the new features, it feels awful paying for something that you know it’s not working properly, and they even wont care to fix…or maybe they will…who knows…no one knows…there is no one from steinberg giving any information or direction on the issue.

I agree on the frustration. I contacted Steinberg on this directly with a case. They told me they were working on it. Checked back almost a year later and this time they just didn’t respond to me.

In the bright side…

All things said I’m just happy about the workaround because it totally solves the problem and let’s me keep making music. I hate to say that I still use Pro Tools for mixing. And compared to Cubase, I pay outrages prices for updates and yearly use. And it only does one thing, really…mix. Beyond that it’s useless and the overall yearly pricing is robbery. Cubase gives me so much on a yearly basis and it’s averaging only around $100/year to keep up. That’s pretty dang good.

Would you be alright with posting an example and a screenshot of what you mean by adding a blank articulation? I’m not sure if I follow completely.

Would you be alright with posting an example and a screenshot of what you mean by adding a blank articulation? I’m not sure if I follow completely.


As you can see, there were 17 articulations before. All I had to do was hit the plus button bellow “sound slots” and then move it up to the first slot (it’s called slot 18 in my case). What this does is when it randomly defaults to the first articulation by error, there is nothing to actually play. As I said in my previous post, some people claim to need to assign the articulation to something but mine worked completely blank. Let me know if this helps!

If it solves the problem, they should implement this automatically since they discover how to fix it for good.

I mean, they can add an automatic empty slot in each map you use. You don’t see the slot, but it is there for the program.

I’m not upgrading to 11 because of two reasons which are related:

  • They have not solved the bugs or improved any of the half baked features (Media Bay, Expression Maps, Import tracks, etc)
  • It’s too expensive. The plugins themselves would cost more than 100 $ but I already have a 3rd party equivalent to them.

I don’t think it’s a bad upgrade (a bit underwhelming), but they should focus on improving what they have, not in adding new plugins or soundsets. Cubase has so many plugins and sounds that I would barely use any, especially with that half baked Media Bay which prevents me to use or try them (you need far too many clicks to get to your sounds, the preview issue is really annoying and it’s included in the right pannel which also has the meter).


I’m struggling with the same issue. What do you mean exactly with “Just create a blank articulation in the first slot of the map”? Just an empty slot which do not point to any articulation?

I’ve the same issue with Nuendo 10.3

The perks are fine and dandy when it is a complete product. As of now 10.5 - 11 appears to be a faulty product. You can’t expect to buy Lamborghini and say that it’s perks outweigh all the negatives when it’s missing one of the wheels. “Looks cool though!”

I have about 653 expression maps in total, that is not a ‘that easy’ fix to do. If it is that easy why the hell am I the one doing fixes and not Steinberg?
People have complained about it for over a year now, for christ’s sake.