Expression maps too unreliable to use

I would like to use Expression maps, it’s a great idea, but I can never get to get it to work reliably, it just doesn’t send things sometimes.

Although it seems randomly not working, I have identified a definate repeatable issue, the first articulation entry does not send anything (I use CC data), 2nd entry does and onwards, but the first is totally ignored, is this a definate bug?

If you haven’t updated to 6.0.1 yet, it’s supposed to fix an issue with chasing directions on MIDI channels 2-16. Other than that, you may find that using attribute articulations only works better as a whole. It certainly makes it easier to e.g. make large edits mid-phrase, and never have to worry about whether the resulting directions from the edit are correct.

Using CC mapping here with attributes only on 6.0.1 and it’s been pretty ok. A few random cases where the articulation didn’t play correctly the first time, but those have fortunately been very rare.