Expression maps upgrade to speed up process wich is unbelievable painful

These are some suggestions to speed up the workflow.
This simple adds would surely make many more users use this useful feature.

1-In expression maps tab: Duplicate map
2- Load multiple maps simultaneously
3- In Sound slots: when adding a “custom articulation” it should be populated with the selected item´s name by default.
4- In Articulations: there should be a menu to set all selected items to “Attribute” or “Direction”
5- In Output mapping: there should be a menu to add a status item to all selected items in Sound slots.
6- In Output mapping: when selecting “Note On” status it should be populated by default with same key note as the “Remote” parameter in Sound slots. “Program” and “Controller” status with a desired Data value should be able to be assigned to multiple selected items simultaneously.

With these improvements creating a sound slot takes 3 clicks intead of 15!!!



good suggestions