Expression Maps with controller input/output questions

Is it still not possible to maintain real-time control over MIDI CCs once you’ve mapped them in Expression Maps?
I’m in Cubase Pro 9.5.3. Last topic I saw about this was from 2014 or so.

Is there a way to map pitchbend as the controller in the Output Mapping section? Seems like there’re only CCs 0-127.

I just spent hours setting up VSL Dimension Strings in what I thought would be the most playable configuration, using pitch bend as the y-axis controller, where a row with the most-used articulations would sit at the pitchwheel’s snap-back position and variations would sit above or below. I could merrily noodle around with the keyswitches and pitchwheel, then go back and fine-tune stuff in the Articulations lane afterwards. Never occurred to me the aforementioned would be issues, as I’ve only used remote single-input keyswitches before.

Am I missing anything, or are there any workarounds? Of course I could go back and remap the controller in VI-pro, and turn Expression Maps on/off depending on whether I’m just playing around vs writing something in. But I thought I’d check here before throwing in the towel. Thanks for any replies.

I am facing exact issue! I guess there is a work around!