Expression pedal how-to?

i am using an expression pedal too, and cubase recognises the signal, and i can assign it to instrument variables, but not to effects, it says pedalEnable is off. in audio tracks i can’t even see the tracks listed when assigning midi controls,

can you please help me?

Hi and welcome,

What exactly do you want to control?

Have you tried to use Quick Controls?

i’d like to control whawha insert on a audio track (guitar) with my midi expression pedal. it is a m-audio expression pedal with a beat bars midi adapter.


I would go for the Quick Controls then.

cubase says the pedalEnable is off. .i know it is working because i’ve used it in other programs and it works.


Where can you see this message, please? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

can you see it?


There is no screenshot attached, sorry.

the program/ word editor says i can’t embed media files,


I have changed your permissions. Try it again, please.


here it is…


OK, please explore the Track Quick Controls.

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that’s what i needed. thanks you very much.