Expressionmap for HAlion SE sounds

Must i make a expressionmap for every sound by “Import Key Switches” ?
It is not possible to do this for all sounds at once ?

There are 4 HAlion SE sound sources (Artist(406), Basic(185),Pro(366) and Symphonic Orchestra(110) )
What sounds do have keyswitches and note expressions data ?

I can assume that symphonic Orchestra has keyswitches for the 3 instrumentfamilies : strings, brass and woodwind, but not for percussion?
How about the other sounds in HAlion SE

Ok i found
But how many instruments are supported than ( instrumentfamilies )
This seems to be a limited expressionmap?
So there is not a complete expression map for all sounds of the Symphonic Orchestra ? (110 programs )
Note: it is not much work to do…make a complete expression map