expressionmaps and VSL


I assigned expressionmaps of Dorico to VSL SE successfully with keyswitches. This is working fine with the articulations in the first row of VSL matrices. How can I tell Dorico, to switch into the second and third line of a matrix to assign further articulations? CC? Would be fine to get your help!

Regards Wolfgang

VSL matrices tend to default to Midi CC1 to navigate vertically, so usually you will enter a CC message (like CC1 value 127 to activate the 3rd row) before the keyswitch. If you do the same for all techniques in the Xmap you will ensure 2 dimensional navigation without issues… :slight_smile:

Or you can customize the trigger for a row change (the Y axis) to another CC number, a keyswitch, to velocity, to speed, etc. using the VI interface.