Expressionmaps save randomly... I´m getting crazy

Dear Dorico users. You helped me a lot in the past. and now I ask you again.
I once downloaded an expression map for Sample-Modeling-Instruments. I saved them in the DefaultLibraryEdition folder and I can load them. I then expanded them a lot. I added articulations by changing many cc. It works great for the project I changed them.

But when I open a new project, only some of the changes seem to be saved. I then went back to the project I made the changes. They exist in that project.

I then duplicated the expression map and changed the name. Clicked “o.k.” and it appeared in the expression map editor. I opened another project… the expression map didn’t show up.

Back to the old project and exported the map. Put it in the DefaultLibraryEdition folder. Created new project. only the old expression map with very few changes showed up… Is this bug? The manual only says what I did to save changes. Click "o.k.!!! I wasted the whole evening by trying to save my changes…

You also need to IMPORT your X-Maps into a new project first ( if you have not saved and loaded them via a saved endpoint).
Keep in mind when editing the maps it is best to maintain the version number.

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Changes you make in a project won’t be ‘saved’ to DefaultLibraryAdditions. They will just stay in that project.

Of course, if you make a Playback Template that uses those maps, then they will be available to all projects, old and new.

If you export your Ex maps, and copy them to DefaultLibraryAdditions, then they should be updated, after a restart.


Thank you, Bertram. How do I save via endpoint?

Thank you! I think I did exactly that. I will try I later again. Since many changes are saved, I probably have missed one of the steps sometimes.

Btw. Is there a easy way to recall i.e. only Sample Modeling strings in an other template?
Mostly I want to use NP4 and every new Instrument routed to NP. But sometimes I want to exchange the whole String section. And maybe decide to go back to NP for the strings. So is there an way to load a whole section.

Maybe you could name a keyword so I can find it in the manual…

You would have to create a document with the instruments you want as a separate group. (NB: Section and Solo Players.)

Then, save the “Endpoint”, which is the combination of Players, Expression Maps and Samples. (Under the VST and MIDI tab, the down arrow into a bucket icon.)


You can then create a Playback Template that uses your Endpoint first, then ‘falls back’ onto NP.

John Barron has done an excellent Discover Dorico session video on creating Playback Templates, Endpoints and Expression Maps. It’s well worth watching.


Thank you very much! Users like you are one of the reasons I like Dorico and it’s whole community.

I hope to provide some help to other people as well!

Set up an instrument as desired (using your X-Map) and save the endpoint configuration. You must then use this in at least one playback template.
It is best to read the Dorico manual at your leisure.
Have fun

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