Ext plugins used in Audio Mixdown. Must be done in realtime

I always get this message when I have used my XS Rack VSTs in a song.
However, why do I get the message even after I have done the mixdown of those VSTs to Audio tracks
and my XS RACK VI tracks are muted.
It doesn’t make sense to me even though I’m mixing with AUDIO Tracks ONLY.
Shouldn’t Cubase be able to detect that those tracks are Muted and not being used in the Mixdown process?
… or am I missing something.


It seems, Cubase doesn’t care about the fact, your tracks (with external FXs) are Muted, or not (in fact, it could be also tricky, there could an automation of the Mute parameter). So I think, the Cubase just check, if there is any “External FX plug-in” used in the project.

Old post, but this is still not fixed (I’m on Nuendo, but guess it’s the same situation).
So, to render, I need to completely remove all external plugins from all track, no matter which track I actually want to render…
Please implement this check and allow offline rendering if no external plugin is in the RENDER PATH. It cannot be too hard.

The point Martin was making was that even if that Track is currently Muted, that doesn’t mean that 16 bars later it might become not Muted.

Try Disabling the Track instead of Muting it.

I agree. Automations like Mute, send enable, direct routing and etc, can be scanned beforehand, there’s no reason they cannot. If offline export is started, these automations are the only factor that affects the result. But I think it won’t be implemented. I wish external plugin are coloured on the mixer panel at least, makes it easier to find external devices on a populated mixer panel that may have been created months or years ago.
In the meantime, you can disable such tracks to render it offline, as @raino says.

@raino @TakashiWatanabe
Thank you very much for chiming in and your suggestions that are all true.

I wasn’t clear enough. If I select to render “DAW OUT”, I understand that only disabling all tracks that contain external plugins will allow to render.
My situation was different. I had to render about 130 projects containing some stem or stereo tracks with external and internal plugins, but there was always one track that contained the final audio (the re-recording through gear for mastering).

Now in the “Export Audio mixdown” dialog, I just select the track in the “Channel Selection” that contains my pure final audio and render that. Some fades on this tracks, maybe a plugin again, but nothing external. And that wouldn’t work at all. Since I selected the tracks, it’s impossible that any other tracks, automated or not, muted or disabled, will be rendered. So I would wish that Cubase/Nuendo would simply take this into account.

To put it simple for the programmers: “Ignore external plug-in check for channels that are not selected in the ‘Export Audio Mixdown’ dialog.”

That sounds unpleasant

Well, it was paid :slight_smile: