Ext plugins used in Audio Mixdown. Must be done in realtime

I always get this message when I have used my XS Rack VSTs in a song.
However, why do I get the message even after I have done the mixdown of those VSTs to Audio tracks
and my XS RACK VI tracks are muted.
It doesn’t make sense to me even though I’m mixing with AUDIO Tracks ONLY.
Shouldn’t Cubase be able to detect that those tracks are Muted and not being used in the Mixdown process?
… or am I missing something.


It seems, Cubase doesn’t care about the fact, your tracks (with external FXs) are Muted, or not (in fact, it could be also tricky, there could an automation of the Mute parameter). So I think, the Cubase just check, if there is any “External FX plug-in” used in the project.