Extend audio event to then edit length with Variaudio

Hi I have a vocal recording of the word “you” which has been sung “too short”, meaning it does not align with background and double track vocals. See attached. What I am trying is to “extend” the audio of that event to the right, just blank/silence and then using Variaudio to stretch the syllable as needed. There seems to be no way to ex
Screenshot 2023-06-25 at 12.24.31

tend the audio. I made it into a Part but then Variaudio is no longer available. I tried to manually add a new event and “glue” them, that also does not allow variaudio. PS: I don’t want to use “aligbn” function, I want to do this manually.

Any suggestions?

You could just cut the audio event before the last syllable and time stretch it to the length you want (Resizing Events with the Object Selection Tool - Sizing Applies Time Stretch)
I don’t think there is a method to directly extend an audio event if it is at the end of the corresponding audio file, but you could also simply draw in an audio event at the end of your existing event, select them both and bounce them to a new audio file, then use variaudio on that.

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Recording a piece of silence afterwards and glueing that by bouncing seems to be one way.
Another way might be that you can extend the beginning of the event to the left and then first move the part to the right and afterwards its content back to the left. Cubase creates an “invisible” piece of audio before each recording if the option "Audio Pre-Record Seconds "in the Preferences is setup accordingly:

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Hi thanks, that does work but I think the bounce of an extended “silence” and then editing that as suggested by @Johnny_Moneto is more practical for me.

PS: the “pre record” seems overkill here, the simple adding of blank audio, then bounce, then Variaudio worked fine.