Extend crescendo's in Daniel's ISM webinair

I’ve looking to the ISM webinair https://www.ism.org/professional-development/webinars/how-to-use-dorico-steinbergs-new-notation-software to find out ‘hidden tricks’ or something and yes… for me I have found one:

Putting in a dynamic like p< with the caret activated: pressing space bar will extend the crescendo to the next notes. Is it possible to:

  • shorten this on the same way?
  • do this without the caret activated? When I press the spacebar without the caret the playback starts.

Are you aware that you can lengthen or shorten most (any?) objects that have a duration with shift-alt-left/right arrow? I’m not sure if that’s what you mean.

Yes, I’m aware of that. But I saw that the spacebar also was used for lengthen the crescendo.

You can only input hairpins in this way during step input, i.e. when the caret is visible. I personally find this the most efficient way of inputting dynamics. You cannot shorten a hairpin again during step-time input in the same way, though.