Extend MIDI part to fit inside Locator Range?

Is there some command or PLE instruction that can make a MIDI part fill the entire locator range?

I’m not talking about trimming an already-beyond the range MIDI part to fit inside the range, I’m talking about filling extending any MIDI part within the range to take up the full length of the range.

Also, talking about existing MIDI parts, not new ones which can automatically fill up the range via an available option.

You can use “Merge MIDI in Loop…” from the MIDI menu. That will create a new part that has the length of the cycle range.
Afterwards you can clean up by clicking the little down-triangle located in the bottom center of the part and use “Remove Overlaps”:

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Excellento! Very nice, except I noticed that the parts lose the track name and get replaced with the generic name, ‘Merged’.

“Merged” is French for “excellent”. :wink:

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You can also just extend the part by grabbing and dragging the bottom-right corner:

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I’m in a deep layered macro, trying to automate something, which manually dragging does not agree with.