Extend notes on all Midi Parts?

Hello, i have 3 Midi Parts on 3 different tracks. Each Midi Part has sustaining notes, and I’d like to extend all of the notes by the same amount (a bar or whatever) so the notes sustain together for longer.

Of course, I can go into the Key Editor of each Midi Part and extend each note, but is there a faster way of extending them all in 1 command? Maybe select all the Parts and run some command? I could probably do something with the Logical Editor but wondering if there’s an easier trick.

Yes you can do this fairly easily in the Logical Editor and if it is something you’ll do a bunch in the future it would be worthwhile to create a preset to do this and maybe even assign that to a Key Command.

But for occasional use the Key Editor will work just fine. First select all the MIDI Parts and open in the Key Ed. Then make sure that the button to only edit the currently selected Part (sorry not at DAW for correct name) is turned off. Now ctrl+A will select all the Notes in all the Parts. On the info line there is a field for the Note Length. The value it shows will be for the first selected Note. Type in a new value, say a bar longer than it currently is, and hit Enter. This will cause the all the Notes to increase by a bar - so a whole note becomes 2 bars, and a half note becomes one & a half bars.

If however you have a bunch of notes of different lengths that you’d like to set to the same value use ctrl+Enter for the new value.

Enter alone sets the new value relative to the old value.

Ctrl+Enter sets all selected notes to the absolute value entered.

Thanks for the great info! Just out of curiosity, do you typically open the Key Editor for your note editing, or do you use the Project window In-Place Editor? I gather the latter is a minature key editor but wonder how this is more useful than just going to the regular Key Editor.

I almost always use the Key Editor - mostly in its own Window but sometimes in the Lower Zone. Before the Lower Zone was introduced I sometimes used the In-Place Editor when composing because notes in it would be visually aligned with the Chord Track making it easier to keep track of where I was. But the Lower Zone serves the same purpose now. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any reason I’d use In-Place. There must be some good use for it, but… :question:

Thanks again, always nice to get good workflow tips from a Cubase guru!