Extended Helmholtz-Ellis (HEJI) Accidentals Update

I noticed the Bravura update for HEJI accidentals has been published on Github; this also includes the supplemental expansion for U+EE50–U+EE5F.

I assume these will be eventually included in a Bravura update that is packaged with a Dorico update. And my concern is I have many scores that use the HEJI accidentals which will be altered since their custom Tonality System uses the current version of Bravura. This could seriously disrupt the engraving for those project files.

Is there an idea of when this update will occur? And whether there can be a way to keep older project files from getting altered by the update?

There will be a minor Dorico 3.5 update coming soon that will not include this latest version of Bravura. At the time of writing, SMuFL 1.4 is not yet finalised and the current version of Bravura published on GitHub is considered a pre-release.

The changes to the existing glyphs in the HEJI range are very minor, affecting only the placement of a couple of glyphs by a very small amount, because Marc Sabat and Thomas Nicholson requested that they be changed to ensure better placement for notes both on lines and in spaces.

I would expect that after installing the new version of Bravura, it should be possible to adjust the placement of those glyphs in your accidental definitions relatively easily. But you cannot easily have multiple versions of Bravura installed.

At the moment, the issue you will have is that it is laborious to apply that change to every project, since you cannot tell Dorico that you want to import a tonality system on top of an existing one; it will always bring it in as a new one.

However, in the next major version of Dorico we anticipate having features that will make it easier to import items from another project or a saved library file with greater control over whether the imported item should replace or sit alongside the existing one in the project, and that will hopefully make this easier to resolve.


Thanks, Daniel. I understand that the GitHub is a prerelease, and not final. Is there a list of the changes made? I have some of the larger changes noted (new glyphs, for instance), but the minor adjustments of glyphs is also important too. Since I use two machines I think I can do a workaround by having different versions of Bravura available. I just need to make sure I don’t lose the default .otf file.

See Version history - Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL)
Note that the links at the end of each bullet point take you to the individual history on Github.

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With every release, I also update the FONTLOG file for Bravura, though it doesn’t describe the nature of every single change, only the glyphs and/or ranges that are added, modified or fixed.

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