Extended techniques for flute

Hi, I’m looking for a way to write all this EXTENDED TECHNIQUES FOR FLUTE in Dorico Pro. For the moment I really need the notehead for “Slap Tongue”.
Any suggestions?
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Yes, for anything that involves differently-shaped noteheads, first check the available notehead set designs:

If nothing suits, you can create custom notehead sets:

For anything that’s not notehead-shape-based, you probably want playing techniques, tremolos, jazz articulations etc.

It’s easy enough to do. Create a new notehead and use the accent symbol. You will find it in the notehead editor in the list of smufl fonts.
Be sure to adjust the anchor points for the notehead so the stem sits properly.

It would actually be nice to be able to see a preview of the full notehead with stem in the noteheads editor, that would be maybe sth for the team to consider?

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C.B is just system text. Flutter tongue just use the tremolo symbol. Microtones and quarter tones, use 24EDO tonality system. Keyclicks - note heads can be created as mentioned above, but cross noteheads already exist. Sing and play is just two voices. WT is a line with a custom endpoint, easily done. Slap tongue (there are many different notations for this) , definitely just custom noteheads.

So you are lucky, all of this is well within the gambit of Dorico. These things I have mentioned, I am sure you can look them up in the manual. If you get stuck, let us know.

You are lucky. These are pretty normal. The engraving I do for my new Complexity School colleague who has a particular specialty in flute has extended techniques notated that are beyond Dorico and Lilypond and can only be achieved by a man with a pencil, sadly.

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