Extender lines

For some reasons until today I did not notice that after importing XML files from Finale, Dorico did not always write lyrics extender lines for tied notes. Some are there, others are not.
Is there a way to make Dorico automatically add extender lines over tied notes for a whole staff or must it be done manually for each note?

Extender lines from Finale can be pretty variable. I often see lines going into the right hand margin, and not extending to the final note of a melisma. Double-clicking on the syllable, and pressing space until you get to the next syllable will fix it; but yes, you have to do each one by hand.

Thanks fo your answer benwiggy, I know how to add Extender Lines in Dorico but I was looking for a way to do it automatically for a whole staff or a whole project.

I never had any problem with Extender Lines in Finale (within Finale).
It may be that due to Finale implementation of lyric extender lines (Word Extensions in Finale jargon) there are not fully transmitted to Dorico through XML export but at least there is an option in Finale to globally activate or deactivate “Smart Word Extensions” for a document and it does a good job at it.
I wish Dorico will offer this function at some point.

I must correct my initial statement:
After reviewing several projects I noticed that this happens only when a note is tied to more than one note.
In this case Dorico does not extend the line to the second tied note.
All other extender lines are correctly imported.

I add a picture to make it clearer:

Unfortunately I must correct again my last statement!
After editing a few more projects I found some cases where Dorico did not import extender lines with only one note tied.
I also found a few cases where there is an extender lines where it is not needed and I cannot get rid of it.

I’m afraid it just depends how the lyric was encoded in the MusicXML file. There’s no automatic way to fix this.