Extending MIDI notes to event length

I’m looking for a way to set up a key command to extend MIDI notes to the length of their event, or, even better, to set all MIDI notes in an event to a specified length. Sometimes I want to throw down a long pad drone, and would like to find a way to avoid either holding down the keys for ages or having to go into the key editor and extend everything manually. A simple key command would be great.

Does anyone know of a way that this can be achieved? Perhaps with a macro/PLE?


Hi and welcome,

There is Fixed Length function under the MIDI menu. The length is always based on your current Quantise setup.

Is this what you are looking for?

Of course, you can assign a KeyCommand to this function.

If you want to, you can make a macros to set the Quantize to the wanted length, and then apply the Fixed Length command.

Not exactly what you’re asking for but here’s something to keep in mind that might come in handy for many situations.

Don’t forget about Sustain Pedal (CC64). Most plugins and synths are aware of this and can make use of it. While it’ll apply sustain to any and all notes for a given channel (not individual notes), it still comes in handy to remember it’s there.

I use it pretty often when I want to sustain things across loops or into new parts. Much easier just to draw in a pedal event or two than to drag out a bunch of individual note lengths or to jump though the hoops to apply a logic Editor.

If you like to use lots of drones, it might save some time and give you some new workflow options to keep those notes in a track/channel of their own…then you can milk the good ole sustain pedal for all it’s worth.

For situations where you really must work with note-lengths one by one, don’t forget how powerful the Cubase MIDI logic Editors can be.

I’m a keys player and have definitely been guilty of overusing the sustain pedal. IMHO however i’d stay away from using it like you’ve mentioned for a few reasons -

If you start playing cubase mid note the drone won’t play if you’re using sustain to lengthen the duration whilst, if you’re simply holding the note, the drone will play even halfway through.

You can’t add note expression to the sustain pedal

Visually it’s more helpful to see the notes rather than a pedal on the main page.


Yeah, I’d steer away from sustain for those reasons.

I’m thinking I could do as Martin suggested - I could set up a Macro with the following commands:

Edit in place
Select all on tracks
Set Q1/1
Fix Lengths
+1 Bar
(repeat above numerous times)

The only problems with this is that I would need to glue the notes together after all the copying and pasting and I don’t believe there’s a key command that does that, other than switching to the glue tool. There’s bounce MIDI but that joins parts, not notes.

It would be easier if there was a way to set the quantize value to less that 1/1, for example, 10 bars.

What about using legato function. It might not work for all scenarios, but if your midi part contains only one note/chord, you can easily extend it until the end of the midi part.

For extending an existing note to the end of the part… excellent suggestion! :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I’m after - thank you!!


Thank you again! Answered my question. Wanted to extend to the following notes!