Extending / moving a barline for chanted text

Hello Dorico users
I’m trying to set several chanted words under one long note. But it runs under the next barline.

I remembered Daniel’s tutorial on Preces & Responses, so I looked back at that. The way to do it back then was to go to Engrave > Note Spacing Change and make the quarter-note spacing larger.
So I tried that, extending the quarter note spacing to 7. But when I did that it extended all the quarter-note spacing in the whole piece, but I only want to extend the first bar.
What am I doing wrong, pls?
Also, is this still the best way to do it? Is there no way yet to drag barlines?
Also also, as you’ll see from the picture, there’s a space after the barline where I hid the time signature. How can I get rid of that space, pls?

You can use Engrave > Note Spacing Change to put a temporary change where you want it, then put another Note Spacing Change where you want to reset to whatever’s set in Layout Options.

Alternatively you can go into the Note Spacing submode of Engrave mode (from the left panel), grab the square handle above the barline and then use Alt-Right arrow to move it right (add Cmd/Ctrl for bigger distances).

The Note Spacing submode basically answers your other question, too - grab the handle above/on the note where you’ve hidden the time signature and move it with the keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks, Leo. I knew there had to be a simpler solution.