Extending piano pedal line messed up note spacing

Hi, I used Shift alt right arrow key to extend the piano pedal line to the end of the bar and it compressed the vocal line above. I just want the pedal to hold to the end.

I’m not sure why this would happen; piano pedal lines don’t have any impact on rhythmic spacing. Can you attach the project in which this occurs here so we can take a look?

Hi, I am relatively new to Dorico and struggled with this song, although it is straightforward when working by hand it gave me fits. It is the very last phrase of the vocal line which is jammed together. As for the pedal I finally managed to pull it to the end of the bar where I wanted it, then had to re adjust the starting point which had been pulled along with it. Thank you for helping.Not Holding Fast - Flow 1.dorico (400.6 KB)

The last system looks pretty good to me, actually, with just a few collisions between the lyrics. You could delete and re-enter the “can” lyric to make sure it doesn’t show an extender line, which will eliminate one collision right off the bat. Then you could do one of a few things: you could try slightly reducing the global space size (e.g. go from rastral size 3 to rastral size 4) on the Page Setup page of Layout Options. You could also try slightly reducing the ideal spacing value for a quarter note (crotchet) from 4 spaces to, say, 3 3/4 spaces or 3 1/2 spaces on the Note Spacing page of Layout Options. You could probably also do away with the staff labels after the first system, which will give you a bit more horizontal space to play with: these options are on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options.

Sometimes just double-clicking to highlight a syllable with an unwanted extender and then pressing space will clear the extender line.

Thank you Derek.

Thank you very much Daniel.