Extending range selection to include all tracks

Is there a shortcut to extend a range selection to all tracks, including markers, tempo, chords etc?


I’m not aware of a way, how you could extend existing range over all tracks in the project. In the Info Line, you can change the Top Track to 1 and Bottom track to your tracks count.

Before you start to create the Range, you can hold down Shift + Ctrl/Cmd modifier. Then the Range is created over all tracks at once.

That doesn’t work in two ways. First, if the project window is split, it only extends the range to the tracks in the split you’re working with. Second, it disables the grid which makes the selection inaccurate. Any attempt to use “insert silence” or “delete time” in a global sense requires that all the tracks be selected, so I would think this would be a common need.


What about this one:

  • Set Left and Right Locators.
  • Edit > Select > In Loop

Btw, when you divide the the track list, you are right, these are 2 independent track lists with independent focus and selection then.

That does seem to work, but only if there is audio and/or MIDI material between the locators. If the region between the locators is empty (for example, if I want to extend a period of silence), then the “In Loop” option is grayed out.


Did you select the Range Tool first, please? Could you attach a screenshot of the result?

Yes that was it. I didn’t have the range tool selected. If I do that then it works. Thanks.