Extending / shortening "hairpins"


I do apologize for the many simple questions I’m having but I usually do a web search and check the manual before bothering this forum.

I am manually shortening a few hairpins. I know how to select and drag the end(s). I was wondering if there was a way to constrain the angle of dragging to only left / right so that the hairpin stays aligned.

All info appreciated.

I guess you’re talking about Engraving mode tweaking of haitpins… You know you can change the rhythmical length of hairpins in Write mode (alt-shift-left/right arrows, according to the rhythmic grid) right? I’m asking, because it’s extremely rare that I tweak hairpins in Engrave mode…

Thanks Marc. So much to learn (coming from many years of Finale). Yes, I was trying to do it in Engrave Mode, your method is SO much easier. Thank you.

If it helps, moving items in Write mode changes them semantically: in this case, the rhythmic positions at which the dynamic change begins and ends. Moving items in Engrave mode keeps them unchanged sematically, but moves them graphically. In fact, you can see the anchor lines keep the item attached to a certain spot in the score.

A good rule of thumb is to switch to Engrave mode as a sort of “last step.” Most things can be done in Write mode… and probably should be! That’s an over-generalization, of course.

Thanks Dan. I believe I have it sorted.