Extending the last system (4 bars) to the end of the page


I’m a beginner at notating and can’t figure out how to extend the last system, set of 4 bars, in this 12 bar blues. I want this last system to stretch across the whole page like the first two systems. I’m using Dorico Pro 3.5 and did a few searches but have not figured it out. Thank you for any help!

Hello @RWG4 :slight_smile: this is called “horizontal justification” in Dorico, the last system doesn’t have to fill the width of the page - this is sometimes useful, sometimes not desired. You can change the threshold above which Dorico justifies the last system in flows, or tell Dorico to justify it always, here.

Thank you, Lillie! I fixed it. Now I know I should have searched on “final systems” to find the answer.

Quite a few people find themselves looking for this, so I have tried to stuff that topic full of relevant keywords and variations of searches, like “stretch”, “bars fill page” etc, but I’ll check whether some of the terms you used in your first post are there as well tomorrow.