Extending the length of an event

Hi all,
My question relates to lengthening an event. In the screen shot I want to make tracks geoff BV1 , geoff BV2 and Russel bass all start at position , so if I share files it’s easy to line up. I’d just like to add silence a the beginning of the event.
How do I do that? Or is it not possible?

In Cubase an Audio Event is always a cut out of an Audio Clip. An Event can only ever show what actually exists in its clip.
In order to add ‘silence’ at the beginning or end kindly wrap an Audio Part around the Event. You can resize the Part to your desire. Select the Event and go to Audio → Event to Part
Please note: An Audio Part is just a container, that is wrapped around one or several Audio Events of the same track. By using “Dissolve Part” from the Audio menu you can remove the Part any time you like.
Events inside the Part are accessed by double-clicking the Audio Part. It’ll open a special Part editor.

Thanks Johnny…I’ll try it.


Maybe another way to do so :

  1. Select the involved audio track
  2. Edit > Select > All on Selected Tracks
  3. Transport > Locators > Sret Locators to Selection Range (or P)
  4. Transport > Transport Commands > Go to Project Start (or Num - .)
  5. Transport > Locators > Set Left Locator to project Cursor position
  6. Export > Audio mixdown… with the following options :

  1. We get this, used on the P120 track :

I guess that this can be put in a macro, at least, for the 2 to 6 stages. Something to check…

EDIT - Correction on the stage 2 : Shift + A was a custom defined key command…


Cut the Audio Event at the spot where you want the silence to end. Then drag the Volume Handle on the first Event all the way down until it is silent (or set it to 0 via the Info Line).

If you are concerned about the 2 Events getting separated later on, you can A) Group them or B) put them both in an Audio Part.

Thanks for your help…I’ll give it a go.


Again…thanks for your help. I’ll check all methods later today.


Confirmation : the stages #2 to #6 of my previous post can easily be put in a macro, eventually with a key command dedicated to it :


OTOH, I have tested the audio part method : works also well, after having extended the beginning of the part to the project start and using the Render In Place command on the part itself.

So, and as often, there are different valuable ways to get what we want. Good luck ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Raino…I’m trying your method first as, on face value, looks the easiest. But I’m a little confused.
As I want the silence to end where the event currently starts, where do I make the cut?

It’s all about being able to share the tracks and having them all start at position


What Raino suggested does not require a specific audio event. You can use any audio event you like. Put it in the proper place before the real event, mute it, and then group those two.
So, you just place a dummy event.

Personally I don’t find this method to be elegant, especially if you want to edit the event later on, but it will work.

Hey raino, I’ve just had your method explained in a different way…it works and I love it. Thank you very much.

Hey Johnny, thanks for explaining Raino’s method in this way. It works and I love it.
Really I don’t need anything too elegant as my requirements are pretty simple.

But what I do love? It’s the generosity of people like you and others that’ve responded to my questions in this forum. So thanks for clarifying this method for me.
And given the effort you and others have gone to, I will be trying your methods.
Thanks again. Geoff

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I think I slightly misunderstood what you were trying to achieve. I thought you were trying to take some Audio like on the first Track below and silence out the first portion of the Audio

If however you have Audio where the Audio begins later and you want to fill in the empty gap like below then @Johnny_Moneto 's suggestion to use Audio Parts which are ‘containers’ that hold Audio Events is a great approach. Use Audio>Events To Part and then just drag the lower left corner to resize & fill the gap.


Another case is if you have a bunch of items (Audio, MIDI, Markers, etc. doesn’t matter much) that are scattered across the timeline and you want to make sure they retain their positions relative to each other then Use Edit>Group. In the pic below the top 3 items are Grouped together and can be Selected and Moved like they are a single item. The bottom item however is not included in the Group.