External Compressor with UR824

Hi so I am having some trouble trying to get my warm audio WA76 to work with my UR824. What I am trying to do is to use the Wa76 compressor in the mix. I am trying to send my audio tracks to my compressor and then have it come back into cubase. I have a balanced Trs cable coming out from output 3 of my ur824 and into the input of my Wa76. Then I have a balanced trs - xlr cable going from the output of my wa76 to input 3 of my ur824. I went into the Vst connection window and I made an output bus for the wa76 and an extra track where it would be recorded back into. After I did all that, I can’t seem to get any audio going in and out anywhere. I’d like some help trying to get this to work properly. I’m not sure if I set up everything correctly in cubase or if I’m supposed to use different cables.

Simply add and patch it as an external effect. Hit f4 and you’ll see the options. I did it with mt ur44 and apollo for my Art VLA compressor - it’s a piece of cake.