External Drum Boss DR-550

Tried to hook up my old DR-550 but could not get Cubase MIDI to send a start message to my DR-550 drum machine. Is it possible to tell the DR-550 to start and stop when working the start/stop on Cubase 7.5?

Yes, I have a DR-202 and a DR-880 (both BOSS) and a few other one, which all works. Although, some of them behave a bit odd in comparison to others.

The MIDI does show but how do I get the start message sent to DR-550 from Cubase?

Check the Project Synchronization Setup under the Transport menu. This is where you chose which of your MIDI Port(s) will receive (or be able to transmit to Cubase) various available control messages, MTC, MMC, MIDI Clock, etc.

I am not familiar with the DR-550 in particular, but a drum machine also needs to be set to some form of “slave” mode (so that the control messages from Cubase will control it, rather than its own buttons only).

I have boss dr880 and cubase le 5, there is a problem with midi connection via usb.
When I want to record midi by using the pads, nothing heppennes. But whet I turn off the ecording the sound works great throught addictive drums. Is there anysolution for that?
I noticed that when I enter device menager, there is no dr880 listed. Do you haveanyidea how to configure dr880 to record midi in cubase?
I tried to tick everything in properties on midi setup, but nothing has changed.

If there are some mistakes or I wrote sth wrong, please corect me :slight_smile:
Patrick, Poland

Here is a file you can use in the Device Manager for your DR-880.

I do not use my external devices through USB, only MIDI.

In order to receive more help, you will have to provide more detailed information. (Also, in case you are unaware, MIDI and Audio are two different things, and are not really interchangeable.)

On your MIDI Track, is DR-880 (whatever the name says, that represents the DR-880) selected under the routings?
Do you see MIDI activity on the Transport when tapping the pads on the DR-880?
If you open the Key MIDI editor and tap the keys on the vertical keyboard (with the mouse cursor on the MIDI note numbers in the DR-808 manual), can you hear the DR-808 play the corresponding drums?

Please provide screen shots of various screens. The more area the shots cover, the better. Small cut-outs suck, if you want good help. :slight_smile: