External effect delay question


I never used my outboard gear with the external effect window.
I gave it a try but I don’t understand the delay compensation that pops up when creating a new FX track.
That video says to clic “measure delay” to ping and automatically get the amount of delay.
i clic but get nothing.
So i tried to add this effect as insert on a track, if I render in place the region the waveform coming back is before the beat 2.3ms
… I don’t understand why this is before the beat. Maybe there’s a compensation somewhere that is not properly set (the midi track I use is set to 0 delay though… so I don’t know where it comes from)
My RME802 is 1024 buffer no compensation option there. ( Constrain Delay Compensation is off)
any idea how to get this right ?

You have to measure the delay while in playback.
(When no other audio is playing, so playback “nothing”)


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Ok I I was pressing button while stop.
but still getting no value for delay :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Sound is going though because I can hear the effect on tracks I use as insert or FX track.

Then it probably means there is no delay.
The Delay from the soundcard is already takin" care of.
So if you “measure” an analog compressor, it might be that you don’t measure any delay.
Try a digital reverb unit or so, were you can dial in pre-delay.

Carefull, delay sometimes varies according the used preset and some units have a variable delay (digital compressors for example)


ok I’ll try digital delay.
What I don’t understand is I can hear a of phase between dry sound and the sound returning from the outboard (1073eq and culture vulture)
and When I bounce it the audio return is 2.3ms in advance…
Myabe something to be fixed on RME soundcard ?
I’ll check on their forums.

Just to clarify the procedure:
-Set up your connections
-Playback “nothing” from Nuendo.
-Ping the delay.
-Stop playback

====>>> Your delay should be set.

Also know that delay can vary depending on the (digital) presets and/or (analog) settings used,
Especially digital compressors often have a variable delay; so you can’t measure those correctly.