External Effect setup in Cubase7 - Please help!

Hi, I’m setting up an analogue compressor as an external effect in Cubase 7. The Cubase 7 manual states in Step 2 (Pg 33) that ‘you also need a Midi device that corresponds with the external effect’, which it says I need to set up in the Midi device manager. Could anyone explain to me why this should be the case? I don’t need to control the compressor from a midi device, so I’m slightly puzzled by this! Many thanks!

You do not need a MIDI device for an external effect. You should only need to connect the Device Ports in the VST Connections window, load the plugin, and set the latency (test button), then you should be all set. I hope this information helps!

I’m not sure the advice given above is is correct as not all external FX have MIDI. Your Compressor eg may not use MIDI control or have any MIDI in/out sockets.

Try this: go to VST Connections and click External FX then click Add external FX. A window pops up where you can name your External FX and set Audio send configuration and return configuration, which are of course essential. Underneath that a bar will say: “Associate MIDI Device”. Click that and choose No Link.


Hi, many thanks for your replies. This confirms what I thought was the case - as it’s an all analogue FX unit, no need for midi! I think the manual needs to make this more clear, at the moment it implies that you have to associate a midi device with all external effects!

Quite often you do. An external delay or re-verb, for example, can be synced to your DAW or have some of its parameters automated via MID. If your external FX unit does have MIDI facilities and you have a spare MIDI port, it is recommended they be applied.

Good luck.