External Effects bypass problem

Bypassing/deleting an external effect (mix bus compressor) in Cubase 12 Pro causes the session to freeze (25% Performance Meter spike) and introduces a low level noise. A brand new Cubase session does not do this. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Running M2 MacBook Pro on Ventura with RMU UFX+ at 2048 buffer. Everything is updated.
If I “soft bypass” the plugin in the Insert list, Cubase works fine but I cannot do an offline render. If I completely remove the ext hardware insert or “hard bypass” it (not sure the term), CPU spikes 25% and session falters. Session only works if I use the ext hardware compressor or I “soft bypass” it (don’t know the term). It’s not the RME. Like I mentioned, there’s no issue with a brand new Cubase project. I would very much like to render these projects offline say that I can max out some plugin oversampling. This is a very strange external effects issue.

After closer inspection, the same problem occurs in a brand new Cubase 12 Pro project. Tried resetting preferences, same problem. Weird.

Kinda crazy that there has been no response from Steinberg developers in Germany about this.

They won’t respond here. But they should eventually respond to support requests emailed to them.
How did you report your issue?

I appreciate your response. I reported through the proper channels (support ticket). Steinberg developers have had the system info (from Mac system settings) as well as videos of the problem. No response from developers yet.

It may take them a couple of weeks I’m afraid. Your geographical location might also be a factor as Steinberg doesn’t have global support and in some countries, support is left to distributors .

Not happening here. Cubase 12 pro Windows 10. It works as expected.

I appreciate your reply. I’m using M2 Max MacBook Pro, Ventura (latest update) with an RME UFX+ running most recent driver and firmware. The issue “seems” (to me) that there is a bug with Cubase 12 Pro’s working with M2 MacBook Pro Max running Ventura.

Just an update on this. Steinberg Support has responded that this is a known bug. Many others are apparently experiencing the same issue. I sent them terminal reports, videos, etc. They don’t know how to fix it at this point.