External Effects Delay Compensation.


I am running Cubase 10 pro and have been constantly running in to a problem with the delay compensation ping when using external FX/Instruments.

Sometimes the Ping will report the delay and other times it will not. There seems to be no consistently on how this issue arises, I can use it one moment and it will report the correct delay the I can use it again minutes later on a new track and it does not work.

A good example happened recently when I spent Fifteen hours Re-amping guitars for a project, trying out many Amps and Preamps, the Cubase delay compensation ping worked perfectly the entire time. The next day I tried to Re-amp the Bass track’s and the ping no longer worked.
This was the same projects with the same settings as the day before.

As the delay compensation ping does work sometimes I am assuming that the function is not broken and the problem must be down to some kind of user error.
Does anyone know what the problem may be or is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

As I am running a Re-amping Studio this is a big problem for me. The main reason I bought the Pro Edition of Cubase was for the External/Instrument integration function.