external effects thru Mackie

Hi all,

Can any kind soul give me an idiots guide to set up the cabling for external effects thru the Mackie Onux1620 please?
I want to set up a compressor that will be available within Cubase.
When I tried to do this under VST connections the only send bus available were the main outs.


I don’t know if the mackie is an audio interface?? But basically what you need to do is connect an out from your audio interface and an in. Then set that channel up in the external fx tab under connections. If that mackie is just a digital mixer than you will need an audio interface with more than 1 out and in.

Thanks for the reply limit.
Mackie tech support suggested something similar (see below) but I don’t think it’s going to work that way.
Cubase needs to use an out for the external effect (see screen shot) but I then lose a main out.
I know on the other Mackie firewire mixers there is a route button which is essentially another output but I cant see what the equivalent is on the Onyx 1620.

From Mackie:
In order to hook up an external FX unit and then use it within your DAW(Cubase 7) you would need to utilize one of your Aux sends as well as one of your stereo line in channels.
For example, You want to use your killer vintage plate reverb and you want to be able to use it across all or some of your channels. We are going to say Aux 4 is not being used and stereo channel line in 15-16 is also
You would insert a ¼” cable coming out of Aux Send 4 from the back of the mixer and then into your external FX unit. Then you would go out of your FX unit and then into channel 15-16 on the mixer. Now channel 15-16 is your external FX master channel. In Cubase you would then create a new audio track and the inputs would be 15-16(or just 15 if you’re running a mono FX unit) Then you would just record enable your new FX track (15-16) and anything you send from Aux 4 on your mixer will now show up as on that FX channel in Cubase. Now when you like the sound of the external FX you have dialed in you would record that channel into Cubase so you would effectively have a track that’s only Reverb(External FX)

I would have no use for a mixer. I used to use one but it’s such a hassle to patch this here and that there.

And you have to change it for every setup.

Just buy an interface where all your equipment can plug in at the same time.

Then all your routing is done in software and can be recalled with presets.