External effects with UR816C

I’m quite familiar with setting up and using external instruments in Cubase 10.5. But I don’t understand why I’ve been unable to get external fx to work.
From the UR816c I use output 2 . From the effects gear to inputs 5 and 6.
Is that wrong?
Sorry if the answer is obvious .

In Cubase use F4 / “StudioConnections”.
You have to make an External FX(not external instruments) routing using the ins and outs of the connected jacks on the 816.
Then you can use your hardware unit as a plugin in Cubase in the inserts of a track.
Once made, you can find the external effects in the Steinberg plugins folder.

Yes I know this. The main question is which outputs to use from the UR816c.

That does not matter as long if you do not use the Mains.
I have all my outboardgear connected via the UR816 C + 1 extra ADAT, so 14 ins and outs. They all are useable in Cubase as plugin inserts. You have to make configurations in the Studio-connections.
A BIG(!) minor for a lot of uesers is you can’t rename those ins and outs in the Dspfxmix software. Been asking that for more than 2 years now, but Steinberg is totally not interested.

When I set up the my external fx rack gear in the audio connections the outputs are listed as “Daw direct 1/2” “Daw direct 3/4”, etc.
Is that what you see?
Thanks for your replies

That’s correct, you’ve got 8 “DAW direct outs” that you can assign to the 8 outputs of the UR816C.
You can rename those in CUbase, but not on the Dspfx mix software, very annoying.
WHen you want more outputs as I did, you have to buy an extra ADAT with 8 more outputs and then you can assign those to the 3 other mixes. Thats another problem I think, would have been much easier to have 8 more DAW direct outs.
When you use the Outs from the URC for external hardware, be sure to MUTE those channels in the dspfx mix otherwise you will get feedback. You don;t use those faders anyway because your routing is done in Cubase. I have a preset made in the dspfxmix software for “hardware” use, where ALL my 4 mixes+channels are on MUTE.
I know it is not that easy to understand inthe beginning, but you will get it once you use it more often.

Good information, thank you! In the settings I changed the outputs to Daw direct and muted them (i don’t understand why they need to be muted…)
When I had it set that way before I incorrectly set the outputs in Cubase to the main outs.
I’m surprised there isn’t a detailed YouTube setup for the UR816c.

When you use external hardware and use it as an insert plugin in cubase, you will hear that track with the external hardware included via the cubase mains out. When you not mute those inputs in the URC, those channels also will be heard via the mainsout on the URC mixer, so it will create a loop and you will have an awfull feedback.you don’t want that. But try it out and you will discover what I mean.

Yes I see what mean.
Many thanks

Hey ca-booter thankyou for the information! ive been struggling to hook up my Steinberg UR824 into my ADAT (Mackie Onyx 800r) would you by any chance to share the preset of the Dspmixfx ? so i can hook up my hardware into my extra ADAT unit, thanks a lot!

I have my 8 Line outputs on the UR816C routed to “DAW DIRECT 1 till 8”.
The other 6 ADAT outputs are routed to MIX 2 till 4. (MIX 1 is the MAINS outs from Cubase, so you can’t use them).