External effetcs with a MR816CSX - Constant send volume?


I still have an old Rocktron Intellifex that i would like to use as external effect in Cubase 7.0.7 in combination with my MR816CSX.

I can create the external effect in the VST connection panel and i have no problem in routing the relevant ins and outs, basically everything is working.
However, i realized that the outputs assigned for the external effect are still affected by the master volume kno at the front panel of the interface. so, whenever i am changing the general volume, this also alters the volume of the send-signal that goes into my Intellifex.

This is a bit annoying. Is there any option that would allow me to “disconnect” the outputs used for external effects from the master volume knob so that i am always feeding my external effect with a constant signal?

Every comment is appreciated!


only answer is to use an analogue volume controller on your main outs so you can keep the MR level at a constant ‘0 db’


:open_mouth: Really no other option?
This would be a real bummer…