External FX becoming disconnected

Several projects I’m currently working on utilize a stereo spring reverb unit, set up as an external effect. I can save the project (with the proper connections) and reopen the same project immediately, but the external effect’s return bus will be “Not Connected”. This happens any time I open the project, even if I’ve done nothing else, and the connections were in place when the project was saved.

Why would a hardware assignment in VST Connections change just by saving and reopening the project? I’ve gotten used to resetting the connection each time I open these projects, but it’s still annoying–and it would be far worse if I was using several outboard effects rather than just one. Is there any explanation for this behavior?



Ive only just seen this so sorry for a late response.

I had this issue and found that for some reason I had saved my default template without the connection. When I re saved a default template with all connections made for some reason subsequent projects always loaded with everything connected.

Very strange as a the projects hadnt been started using the default template. Anyway might be worth a try.