External FX causes Audio Performance Peak and audio crackle

When I insert an External FX I get very high performance Peaks witch result in audio clicks

Take a look at the Video (there are no sound in the video).
From no Audio Performance Peaks to massive Peaks….
Its get less problematic audio wise if I increase the buffer, but I’m unable to use any lower buffer than 256 ,and the I have to accept clicks …
Any idea why this happens?

Intel i7-6850K CPU @ 3.60GHz
32 Gb RAM

Cubase 12.052

All the latest updates
FX send and return on analogue out/In 7/8

LatencyMon reports no problems (less than 250)

strange enough, i get the same issue when using Wesaudio’s device…

I guess the buffer size is just too small with that CPU and all your plugins to keep it from causing clicks. When you choose a realtime effect that’s something that is maybe not pre-calculated in the ASIOguard buffer so it no longer helps (which would be why that meter drops). Check the manual on ASIOguard?

The solution to this problem was, for me, to sell all 500 gear.
I have always been a ITB guy. I just had a short fling on analogue gear. To me it made my workflow complicated without any noticeable audio quality benefits.
But, analogue gear looks god…

And of course I checked everything including Asio Gard…