External FX delay compensation (ping) is not reporting ANY values in 9.5

The external FX “ping” seems to be broken for me in 9.5 compared to 8.5 (which is the one i have to use because of this issue).
I simply get no values (except: 0) when i ping a roundtrip analog compressor or moog filter or even just a cable.

Since i use the Prism Sound Orpheus i get different roundtrip pings every time i restart the computer so it really is a showstopper for me.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem. As i said it works perfectly fine in 8.5 with the same settings which is very weird.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Same problem here. This feature has been broken for me since 2011 I believe. I am skeptical they will ever fix it.

It is in the known issues list though: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=113761&p=621786&hilit=ping#p621786

I could really use a fix for this feature. I hope by some miracle they will fix it…


It works fine in 8.5 and 9 but is broken in 9.5. Dealbreaker for me. :frowning:

I just installed the new 9.5.1 update in the hopes that it would be fixed but the delay compensation is still not measured at all in 9.5.1. (64 bit engine)

Yes broken when using the 64Bit engine, the 32 bit works however.

hmm… this has been broken since C8 for me, which is before the 64bit thing. I’ll kick it down to 32 and see what happens.

Having the same problem.
I’m using the RME UCX with current drivers and latest version of Cubase 9.5 pro.

It seems that using the 32bit option in the Studio setup page allows the delay compensation to work as it should.

Frustrating that this bug hasn’t been addressed sooner.

One thing I noticed when bypassing the external plugin and pinging it, the orange ping button stays lit rendering the dialog box in a hung state. Unload the external plugin and reloading and all is ok again.

The bug for 64 Processing Precision has been reported.

32 bit doesn’t work here either. Was using my mix buss chain fine. The past couple days it’s not been functioning at all. No sound. No signal down chain. Reporting 0 ms. I swear it magically started working a couple times a week ago and I thought it was a buffer setting issue, but I’m fairly new to integrating hardware other than reamping. Any advice or tricks or things I should check? iMac with 2 Apollo 8ps.

Will this bug ever be fixed?! :imp:

suddenly had this same problem today with my reverb fx unit- it was working fine previously - is this gonna be fixed?!