External FX device does not work as send effect

Hello Everybody,

I use Cubase5 and recently bought an external FX machine (LexiconMX300 Reverb).
I can get it to work as an insert effect, but NOT as an SEND effect!

I load the LexiconMX300 in a particular channel/track as an insert effect and everything is fine. As soon as I turn the insert effect off and load the Lexicon as an send effect (and slide the wet/dry mix up to max), there is NO MORE INPUT on my Lexicon. The signal is killed.

The manual says an External FX device SHOULD work both as an insert and a send effect, so what’s the problem?

In the VST connections window, under the External FX tab, I have set up the send and return busses correctly (after all, it DOES work as an insert effect).

According to the manual, when you create an External FX, you also have to set up a midi device. I have NOT done this, after all, I’m not using any midi here right? Only good old analogue signals going from my Audio Interface to the Lexicon and back. No midi needed, so this can’t be the problem right?

Also I have NOT connected my LexiconMX300 to my computer with a USB cable. After all, I’m not going to install any software and use it as a VST plug in (I’m just tweaking the knobs on the hardware device instead!) Can this be the reason for my problem?

Anyone out there with any knowledge on the subject, please help. Thanx a lot.

I´m quite sure, the manual (we´re talking ´bout the Cuabe manual, right?) does not say this…

And you are sending from an audio track (with actual audio on it) in Cubase to the FX track in Cubase, aren´t you?

Why a midi track or fx track?

Just make the connection in the connection pane (F4) and activate a send in an audio track, select and activate external fx.