External FX Forgotten. AGAIN.

Opened up Cubase this afternoon to mix, and the VST Connections panel had forgotten half of my external effects and their associated patching. Just gone. And since they don’t allow presets for some bizarre reason, I now have to rebuild all the patches.


This isn’t an unusual issue, how do I keep this from happening every so often? I should be mixing, not rebuilding things this software seems to keep forgetting.

I completely agree with you, you can save in out presets but not External FX, every time I change my audio board I’ve to reassign all the external inputs very stressful…i think they don’t update this section since cubase 4…

I have the same issue from time to time but I can’t work out if things are stored per project or globally. So if for example I open a project without external FX then open one with it’s forgotten the settings , most annoying .


The external fx thing is really not great in Cubase, but can´t you save in “favorites”?

nope you cant :smiley:

Same problems here. :imp: