External FX loop Question

HI. I’ve got an external FX loop set up form an audio channel. It sends a stereo feed to a delay pedal and back in to an FX channel as the instructions say. I have also set up the amp simulator as an insert effect on the same audio channel as the external send/return loop. The thing is that the FX channel comes back clean, without the insert effect, and just including the external effect. Other sends on the same track, using the internal software effects, come back with the insert effect included. Is this a function of using an external effects loop, or have I set up my audio interface (a Focusrite 6i6) incorrectly? Any ideas?


I’m sorry, I didn’t get your routing.

Could you send a screenshot of MixConsole and VST Connection, where is the routing visible, please?

Do you use an External FX bus or not?