External FX on several channels?


Is there any way of setting up my external FX so that i can use them on more than one channel? I have for example a cool Gas Cooker Preamp that i want to use on several tracks. Im afraid that my only options is either to use it on an FX channel and then route my other channels to this one, or simply just use it on one channel and thats it :frowning:

Any ideas how to set this up?

Many thanks in advance!


Deleted. I misunderstood the question.


Unfortunately real physical things that actually exist like a nice pre-amp cannot be duplicated multiple times inside a computer, Star Trek type replicators do not exist yet, so unless you use a send to a FX channel, there is no way you can have more than one insert exist at a time.

Of course you could always export one channel at a time through the pre-amp.


Well, i was a bit afraid of this :frowning: Would be nice if there was something like an “FX Rack” or something though like the VST Instruments Rack (F11) :slight_smile:

Well i cant end up buying preamps all the time so i guess i have to use an FX channel.

I guess this is not “limited” to Cubase only, and would be the same in any another DAW? I.e. Reaper, Studio One etc…


I guess, unless they steal the Star Trek replicators directly from the Enterprise, it would be the same…

If you want each sound to have its own pre-amp then you need one pre-amp per sound, thats it, no other option.

If you dont mind the pre-amp sharing sounds the setting up a FX and using sends is a reality.

As I stated, the only other way would be to record each channel via the pre-amp one at a time.

Ye cannae change the laws of physics :laughing:


Hardware in all glory, but you’re pretty limited for sure!

And now that i think of it it makes perfectly sense. As i only can have “one setting” on my preamp there’s really no benefit using it on serveral channels than using it on an FX channel. Luckily i have four other hardware FX’s to chose from.

So i understand why people use plugins more and more. Much more flexible! But hardware is hard to beat, and even “good” plugins often fall behind :frowning: They seem to lack that “angel dust” that can’t be reproduced. My good old Roland D50 still beats every softsynth ever created trying to emulate it down to the floor. The comparison is laughable. So get one of these synths if you want warmth :slight_smile: It easily beats my Virus B and Supernova easily in this area!

Well, this is another topic actually. Hardware vs software…but i felt hijacking my own thread a bit :slight_smile:


Here’s a bodge I came up with, not to say others haven’t before! The idea is to record a dry signal, associate it with an FX Channel, send both signals out of Cubase and return them for re-recording on a new audio track.

Of course, this does NOT allow you to use multiple “instances” of the hardware simultaneously. (Come on Spock, figure it out man!) But you can send multiple signals through this loop, for instance, say you have two mics on an amplifier. Or half a dozen on a drum kit. Once completed, you can use this setup to use the hardware repeatedly within the same project.

Set up an audio track (Audio 1) with a send to an FX channel (FX 1), set the external hardware as an insert as per the manual, pages 22 - 24.

Let’s say you route this signal to the monitors through Stereo Out 1.

Record your instrument on Audio 1. You can monitor the FX Channel, but don’t record it. The idea being to record a dry signal now and add the effects later.

Once recorded, route both Audio 1 and FX 1 out through another bus (Stereo Out 2) and route this bus back in to Cubase through another Input channel (Stereo In 2), using another pair of Ins and Outs on your interface. Route this in turn to a new Audio track (Audio 2, monitor button ON). Mix and record Audio 1 and FX 1 on Audio 2.

Once recorded, monitor Audio 2 by routing it to Stereo Out 1. Mute Audio 1 and FX 1.

To use the hardware again, use the same method, setting up new Audio tracks to record and re-record with.

Convoluted, I know. More than a bit clunky! A type of Group Channel with a record button would simplify this. If you want to change the amount of FX applied using this method, you have to re-record the signal sent to Audio 2.

That is rather convoluted!

It would be simpler to use an external FX, plonk the insert onto the required channel, tweak as required then export using realtime (only option when using external FX) ticking import to pool and project.

Repeat for other channels.