External FX Problem

Hello, I can’t set up outboard gear in Cubase 7 elements, the external fx window is missing in VST Connections. I checked out the Cubase 7 elements comparison chart and i don’t think external fx’s comes with elements 7. Is there any other way of setting up outboard gear if this feature is missing?

You could do it the old fashioned way by simply dedicating some of your outputs and inputs to outboard gear as necessary.

Could you elaborate more? Do i just take a free output from my interface into the outboard then back into a free input in the interface then what?


Yup. Though you’ll have to route the return input as you would a record track (i.e. enable monitoring) and eventually actually record it to ‘print’ it, but it should work. You probably don’t have a routing editor in Elements so best think of it (routing wise) as you would an analog mixer.