external FX processor into cubase 7

hello, is there a way to connect an external multieffects processor to cubase 7 ?
unfortunately my interface, UR22, doesn’t have a lot of options, the two TRS connector-outputs go to the monitors, but midi in and midi out are available,
and the XLR/TRS combos connectors up front are also available,
the processor is a yamaha SPX2000,

Sure, just follow the guide here:

However, you won´t be able to get the audio out to your effect unit unless you have more outs available, unless you temporarily disconnect your monitors and use your headphones. The output(s) from the effect needs to into your front input(s). You´ll have to measure and compensate for any latency manually though, if that is a concern.

The other option would be to record with your effects on (assuming you´re adding it to an externally recorded source).

I would not advice on not going down that route unless it´s a pretty awesome effects unit. A huge number of great plugins are available for free or at a very low cost, and I´m sure there is something out there that would do an equally good job or better. Maybe even an emulation of the unit?

hello, for some reason recordings with an akai MPC (essential) as a VST, VST performance meters go to the red zone when i apply any inserts like reverb and EQ, etc to the channel,

that’s why i thought of taking that kind of processing from a FX unit outside of the PC,
and it just happens that I bought a nice one second hand from ebay…