External FX routing, hit point copy/paste bug...

Are there plans to fix the system so that cubase saves the i/o routing for external FX with the project? I am very busy, with several different projects requiring varying i/o configurations, and even though I have a workaround (saving the associated xml files and loading them before starting cubase) I still get tripped up by this problem frequently.

another issue I find incredibly infuriating is when I try to cut/copy and past and find that cubase has placed the file at its calculation of the first hitpoint, which does not coincide with the beginning of the file/event. it is unacceptable that in 2016 I have paid for software that does not cut/copy and paste reliably. The fact that it’s even possible to paste something where I don’t intend is stupid.

Finally, it would sure be nice to have logical presets (which disappeared in 7.5) again.

I have not upgraded since 7.5 because of all these issues which never get fixed while more and more features I never use get added.

+1 External FX - yes, this would be very nice. I really think that external FX are based around the project rather than being a global or studio setup, especially for those people with a small number of analogue I/O ports.