External FX Routing with Cubase Artist 6

Hi everyone,

New Cubase Artist 6 user. I have a question about doing external effects with CA6. I been able to make it work but was wondering if it was being done the most efficient way. I will try to explain what i did with out being to long. This is my setup now.

MOTU Audio Express
Lexicon MX200

The MX200 is connected to the AE via S/PDIF.

The VST Connections in CA6 look like this.

S/PDIF Stereo
Analog 1 Mono
Analog 2 Mono
Mix Return 1 Mono
Mix Return 2 Mono
Mic/Line 1 Mono
Mic/Line 2 Mono

Phones Stereo
S/PDIF Stereo
Analog 1 Mono
Analog 2 Mono
Main 1 Mono
Main 2 Mono

Signal Flow goes like this.

Mic/Line -->Audio Track 1–>Send 1 otput set to S/Pdif 0db–>Add a new audio track No. 2, set its input to S/Pdif
–>Turn on PFL on Track 1–>make sure im montoring both Track 1 and 2.

And Record Track 2 only.

Does this sound right? Or is there an easier way?

Thanks for your time. Oh and is there a way to have your Inputs and Outputs load automatically when you start CA6?
Thanks again.


Create a template which includes your I/O settings and use that when you start a new project each time.

Thanks for the quick reply. Some solutions are so simple.