External FX - Timing and audio skipping problem

This happens to me off and on, and I can’t seem to get rid of it. Today it appears in a way where Wavelab (10.0.50) skips small sections when it approaches the end of the clip (last 3-4 seconds or so) + it cuts off the end of the clip about one second too early. I’ve been using multiple plugins on the clip, and as soon as I remove Ext FX, the problem goes away. The problem remains also when Ext FX is my only plugin on the clip. When I render the clip, it doesn’t skip around BUT it chops off the ending. This is extremely problematic, obviously.

Also, sometimes the timing of the audio and visual waveform representation is dead on, and sometimes it’s way off, like one full second.
I’ve been trying to detect Latency on Ext FX, changing buffer size up and down, all with no effect.

System is: Wavelab Pro 10.0.50.
iMac, late 2019 with MacOS 10.15.7.
UAD Apollo 8

I have similar problems on WL 10.0.50. and Orion 32 + 3rd gen. and/or Focusrite 8PRE
I was trying to use 3-4 External FX ( as I use software plug ins). but its impossible.
Lots of noises clicks, glitches, I can use only 1 External FX and have to make multiple renders until I have one take with no problems.
I must insert 5-10 second of silence before my render because I always have noises and glitches at start.
On Logic Pro X / Nuendo I can insert lots of hardware ( 4-6 units) on main buss without problems,
I´m on mac Mojave and have tried on any other 3 Macs with same problems.

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PG, are you aware of this issue and can you suggest a solution for it? It really makes working a bit difficult, in an otherwise so nice program.

I recommend using the External FXs in the Master Section, primarily.
If you want to use them in the montage, better do not put plugins with latency further in the audio chain, and don’t put two External FX in the same chain.

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