External FX, what am I doing wrong?

When I set up a mono External FX I hear the outgoing signal in the left speaker and then the return signal in stereo. I’m pretty new to using external fx but the last time I set one up, I don’t remember hearing the two signals at the same time. It’s of course not ideal as it is a lot easier to dial in the tone or effect you want when you only hear the effected signal.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

I’m using a Babyface and there’s no way to fix it in Total mix as far as I can tell

Well, now if you have set up the external fx correct in Cubase, then it is a totalmix thing, and yes, there are plenty of ways to fix that in totalmix.

You shouldn’t be hearing the outgoing signal, not sure how you’re doing that.

I set my interfaces output to direct, so no monitor or attenuation.

A mono input going to a mono track is played back on both channels, if you want only one you have to pan it.

Do you have enough inputs on your interface?

Are you using any digital I/O?

thanks for the help!

Just tried again today and everything’s fine. What I did differently than yesterday was to go out from my Behringer preamp on Adat 1 and then back in on Adat 1. Yesterday I went in on Adat 6. Not really sure how that move should fix the problem but it seems like it did somehow