External Gear Plugin won't route audio back into Wavelab

I recently reinstalled my Win7 OS and upgraded from WL 8.0 to 8.5. Unfortunately I didn’t back up my Wavelab ASIO settings so now when I try and patch the external gear plugin in the middle of the chain, it doesn’t process subsequent plugins in the chain. If I mute the External Gear Plugin, the signal passes to the subsequent plugins with no issue.

I’m using an Apollo 16 to feed audio out of outputs 1 and 2 that feeds the analog gear. I get a perfect signal through the analog chain and I’m converting back to digital via AES/EBU. I can see the signal coming into the Apollo’s console on the AES/EBU channel so I know it’s making it back into the system, I just can’t get it to route the audio back into the chain like an insert.

This worked before I reinstalled the OS so I know it’s possible. I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong. Wondering if it could be something on the UAD side?

Any suggestions would be awesome!