External Gear Problem

Since reinstalling Wavelab 9.5 on a new computer I can’t get my External gear plugin to work, as it mutes my monitor channel when activated. For example: Monitor channel is set to Play 3-4, Asio Loop (External Gear) is set to Play 1-2. Once the External Gear Plugin is activated, Play 3-4 gets muted.

I can monitor the line in (ADC) and I can hear a working hardware loop, so that is not the issue. Also, I tried different interfaces (Lynx Hilo, Antelope Pure 2) which are both configured correctly. I even went back to Wavelab 9 but the problem persists.

Any idea?


I’ve the same problem. I tried to reinstall both wavelab 9.5.x (latest available updated at today) and the Audio interface drivers but the problem has not been solved.
Same problem with MOTU828MKII and UR28M audio interface that are configured correctly.

I don’t remember what I’ve done before the External Gear Plugin stop to work.
I’m very disappointed.



thanx for the reports.
Which OS are you using? Did the problem occur after you did some system changes/upgrades?